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Foods That Cause Tooth Decay

When it comes to tooth decay, it’s important to know the main culprit – acid. Acid is what eats away at our enamel and causes cavities.Acid can enter our mouths in one of two ways: either directly through what we eat (citrus fruits, for example), or as a byproduct when oral bacteria consume the sugars that we eat.Ultimately, a simple ...

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How Being Vegan Affects Your Teeth

There is no doubt that a plant-based diet is good for your health. Omnivores and vegans alike benefit from the nutrients present in plants.But how does what we eat relate to our dental health?Is a vegan diet better or worse for dental health?Well, it depends. There are some concerns for oral health when one consumes a vegan diet. Here are ...

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Our Team Solves Some Riddles of a Different Sort

You think you have problems? Well try this scenario on for size.The prince’s evil brother has captured the throne through deceit! You and your team of medieval mercenaries have been hired to sneak into the castle and locate the proof that the Prince is rightful heir to the kingdom. I can tell you this is no easy problem to tackle ...

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Regular Dental Cleanings are a Big Part of Your Overall Health Be Good to Yourself!

Regular visits to your dental hygienist for professional cleanings can play a huge role in your overall health as well as your oral health. Regular dental cleanings go hand-in-hand with having a good home care routine. Here are some of the reasons why dental cleanings are so essential.Reducing Plaque and CavitiesWe all have plaque on our teeth. Plaque ...

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Here's Something to Cheer About 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea

The pomp and pageantry is now on full display as the world is watching and cheering the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang county in South Korea. The opening ceremony is complete as the official caldron has been lit with the Olympic torch, signifying the games are underway. It is the 23rd Olympic Winter Games featuring 102 events in 15 sports. ...

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What is Plaque?

Most people have heard of the word “plaque,” and know it’s not something you want on your teeth. Yet, they don’t know what exactly plaque is or how it contributes to dental decay.Plaque is a sticky, colorless film of bacteria that lives on the surface of your teeth and along the gum line. It accumulates from normal daily activities such ...

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How Often Should You See the Dentist

We love our patients, so we’d be more than happy to see you every day! We realize that’s not really possible, so here are some more realistic guidelines for making appointments.In general, it all depends on your oral health status and your health history.For most patients, the optimal frequency to visit the dentist is twice a year. In six months, ...

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