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Do you use silver fillings?

At St. Anthony Village Dental Care, we offer only tooth-colored fillings. Though the American Dental Association has reported that mercury amalgam fillings are safe for dental restorations, we offer tooth-colored fillings for a number of reasons:

They look more natural – Composite, tooth-colored fillings can restore your tooth without leaving a dark mark behind. Amalgam fillings can cause your tooth to appear dark, shadowed, or gray.

They preserve your tooth structure – When filling cavities with composite, we can preserve more of your healthy tooth structure and only need to remove the diseased portion of your tooth.

Environmental responsibility – Composite fillings do not create toxic waste. They are free from metals and mercury.

Composite is reliable and strong – Amalgam fillings can split or break down over time. Composites offer longevity and can easily be replaced without destroying your tooth structure. If you have a significant amount of decay, we may recommend a ceramic crown to give you added support and protection.

Composite is versatile – We can use composite material to make small repairs to your smile such as filling in chips.

If your dental insurance only covers amalgams for posterior teeth, they often make an equal allowance for the improved tooth-colored filling. We will always work with your insurance company to maximize your benefits.

Patient Testimonial:Quick and Painless

Dr. Osterbauer and his assistant were comforting and informative surrounding a first time procedure . It was quick and painless!
Thank you!

--Daniel S.
4/23/18 Read More

Patient Testimonial:Thank You Dr. Joe & St. Anthony Village Dental Staff

Thank you Dr. Joe and St. Anthony Village Dental Staff for your attentive care. Also, many thanks Dr. Joe for your follow-up calls.
2/22/18 Read More

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