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Emergency Dental Services

Dental Emergencies can include:  

  • Chipped or broken tooth
  • Loose or lost crown or filling
  • Tooth pain
  • Swollen gums
  • Jaw pain

These are just some of the kinds of emergencies which cause stress, discomfort, and extreme pain and can disrupt your life and routine. Ignoring some of these danger signs can lead to heightened pain and even worsened conditions. Dr. Hoiland is an experienced dentist familiar with diagnosis and management of dental emergencies. His treatment is gentle and compassionate. He works quickly to diagnose and provide treatment to restore comfort and good oral health. 

When Should I Consider My Situation an Emergency?
Experiencing discomfort, pain, extreme sensitivity to pressure, heat or cold, a broken or cracked tooth, a lost filling, crown or other restoration are certainly reasons to seek dental emergency attention. Calling us at the onset of symptoms is the best way to ensure prompt and possibly same-day treatment. Our staff will help to gather information regarding your status and help in establishing if it is an emergency situation. We want to help you find the right solution for your oral health emergency as quickly as possible!

What Happens at your Emergency Appointment?
Gathering pertinent information regarding your emergency will allow us to take action to alleviate your pain, an x-ray may be required, dental procedures may be needed or medicine may be prescribed. These are some of the possible responses to your dental pain.

Emergencies can happen at any time and for a great many reasons. Some emergencies are unavoidable and come without warning. However, we are able to act proactively to assess your personal dental needs and will work with you and create an individualized plan to help you avoid some dental emergencies in the future. Great Prevention Strategies includes maintaining regular dental exams, dental hygiene cleanings and routine x-rays. Practicing good oral dental hygiene habits helps you to avoid many of the pitfalls and problems from becoming emergencies further down the road!

In the event something is giving you discomfort don’t delay in getting treatment. Give our office a call, 612-781-9270, we want to get you back to your healthy and busy routine as soon as possible!


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