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Intraoral Camera

Gathering data allows us to make accurate diagnoses and to provide you, your insurance company, and any specialists you might see with necessary information about your oral conditions. Dr. Hoiland uses the latest technology to make gathering necessary data easier and more comprehensive.

Digital technology affords us an opportunity to collect and digitally store necessary records as well as share information about your treatment options with you. We can actually show you what is happening inside your mouth, giving you a greater understanding of the causes of your condition and treatment options available.

What Is an Intraoral Camera?

An intraoral camera is a small digital imaging device, shaped like a wand, that fits comfortably inside your mouth. We can focus on and capture images of individual teeth, gum tissue, suspicious lesions, and other conditions.

We target the area in question, focus, and freeze the image, saving it instantly to our computer where we can digitally store it in your chart.

What Are the Benefits of Intraoral Camera Use?

Intraoral cameras provide vital visual information. 

Treatment presentation – Seeing is believing. We can show you exactly what we see inside your mouth so that you fully understand your condition. This allows you to make an informed decision about your treatment options. We can identify wear marks, decay, fractures, abfractions (wear by the gumline), gum recession, tartar buildup, and damage to your current restorations and record these observations.

Having pictures of your condition can help to describe the effect various treatment options will have on your health and appearance.

Insurance documentation – X-rays are still the most useful documentation when submitting a claim to your insurance company. Intraoral camera pictures can complement that information and provide additional documentation that may affect your coverage. Often times, insurance companies request additional information. In the case of dental crowns, fractures may not appear on x-rays and intraoral pictures can give added visual details to support your claim.

Documentation for specialists – When we collaborate with other dentists and specialists, more information is better! Intraoral pictures can show periodontal conditions and tooth damage, and can help our partners create a more accurate treatment plan.

Before-and-after photos – Do you want to see a picture of your new filling or crown? We can take an intraoral photo so you can see your new restoration!

Are Intraoral Images Safe?

Intraoral cameras do not use radiation. Instead, they work just like a digital camera – only smaller! Not only are they safe, but taking intraoral images is painless and quick. We store your images securely in your digital file.

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