St. Anthony Village Dental Care
Dr. Joseph Osterbauer

Here at St. Anthony Village Dental Care, our team is committed to making sure your dental experience is affordable, comfortable, and personalized. We offer state-of-the-art services with clinical excellence.
We look forward to providing you and your family with the dental excellence you deserve.


Technology makes dentistry easier, more accurate, and more comfortable for our patients. Learn about how technology can improve your treatment at St. Anthony Village Dental Care by reading about which technologies we have incorporated into our office.

CEREC Same-Day Crowns

Rather than waiting for weeks for a dental lab to create your crowns, we do it in our office while you wait! Using CAD/CAM technology, we digitally scan your tooth and our software sends data to our restoration milling machine that creates high-quality custom restorations while you wait.




St. Anthony Village Dental Care is pleased to offer our patients CEREC advanced technology. In this short time lapse video, you see how crowns are created right in our office. Patients are able to see Dr. Osterbauer design the crown using CAD CAM, (computer aided design, computer aided milling) and it all happens in just one visit! Our patients have been very pleased with their crowns and have remarked that it’s fun to see the CEREC in action!

Intraoral Camera

Intraoral cameras allow us to take high-resolution pictures of the inside of your mouth, individual teeth, and gum tissue. The digital images are useful in tracking your conditions, making an accurate diagnosis, and providing useful visuals when describing what we see when presenting treatment or when sending additional documentation to your insurance company.

Digital Dental X-Rays

Digital dental x-rays are ultra low in radiation, providing us with the best and safest way to detect conditions such as decay in its earliest stages. Early diagnosis means less complex treatment for you! It can save time, money, and emergency visits. We take x-rays on a regular basis to monitor your oral health. Since digital x-rays are low in radiation, you don't have to worry about overexposure.

Heat Sterilization

We are obsessive when it comes to cleanliness in our office. We heat sterilize equipment and instruments according to the recommendations of OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and stay on top of OSHA trainings and courses to make sure we are always practicing the best and latest sterilization and safety techniques.