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Dr. Joseph Osterbauer

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Tried and True! An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure --Benjamin Franklin

As a dentist I see how many of my patients have learned about the benefit of practicing proactive methods to achieve and maintain healthy mouths and therefore overall greatly improved lives! Exactly what are the actions of these fitter and happier patients? Can everyone achieve a better outcome? What do they know that I don’t know?


To the first question I am pleased to say a very emphatic, “Yes, you can achieve a much better outcome!” To the second question, it’s something you already know. Let’s break this down into the key components of great dental and overall health.


  • Good home care is a good place to start in order to prevent the need for costly future procedures such as gum surgery, tooth repairs and bone and tissue grafts. Bacteria exists in dental plaque that can cause gum disease and other health problems. Proper brushing and flossing each day will help fight tooth decay and gum disease. It is commonly believed preventing gum disease and tooth decay can save up to 60% of all dental costs. Less than 6 minutes a day will help to fight the effects of aging.


  • Be mindful of your diet. Eating more fruits and vegetables is better for one’s overall health. Over-indulging in sugary and starchy foods will result in providing food for bacteria attacking your teeth. Bacteria in dental plaque can lead to gum disease and health problems.


  • Scheduling regular preventive dental visits on an interval that the dentist and dental hygienist recommend as appropriate for you can assure you a much healthier mouth and potentially avoid costly dental procedures. There is a drastic difference between the nominal costs of regular exams and cleanings and that of dental restorations and tooth replacements.


We do everything possible at St. Anthony Village Dental Care to protect your teeth and gums. Give our office a call, 612-781-9270, to make an appointment today to get you on your way to a healthier mouth and plenty to smile about. Prevention does indeed pay!