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What can I expect at my child's first dental appointment?

Your child’s first dental appointment has a high priority in creating a lifetime positive attitude in good dental health. Experiencing comfort and confidence are paramount for relationship building between your child and the dental team. Attitudes matter as children as well as adults pick up on the energy of those around them. Parents certainly influence how their child views an office visit too! Demonstrating fear or explaining the importance of caring for teeth will impact how a child will feel toward the dentist for years to come.


A first visit is typically short as it is more relationship building and educational for child and parent. The dentist will review your child’s health history and respond to your questions and concerns.


The appointment can include discussion about such topics as:

  • Development
  • Teething
  • Bite
  • Soft tissues like gums and cheeks
  • Oral habits like sucking
  • Considerations that affect the risk of cavities, including diet, hygiene practices and fluoride


A thorough exam is sometimes done in a knee-to-knee position. The parent and dentist sit on chairs facing one another. The child sits on your lap and facing you. The child is laid back with his/her head in the dentist’s lap. Using this position, the adults can see clearly into the child’s mouth and the child is able can look up at you.


The hallmarks of a good first visit are:

  • You have a good understanding of your child’s oral health development
  • You know your child’s likelihood of having problems with cavities or bite and the steps that are taken to avoid or deal with these concerns
  • Follow-up care with the dentist is scheduled


Our St. Anthony Village Dental Care team offers compassionate and experienced care in providing pediatric service for your child. We love what we do and it shows! We would love to help your child establish lifelong healthy oral practices! Give our office a call and request an appointment. 612-781-9270

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