St. Anthony Village Dentistry
Dr. Nicole Hoiland

Here at St. Anthony Village Dentistry, our team is committed to making sure your dental experience is affordable, comfortable, and personalized. We offer state-of-the-art services with clinical excellence.
We look forward to providing you and your family with the dental excellence you deserve.

I'm afraid of going to the dentist. Can you help me?

If you experience dental anxiety and stress or just dread the idea of spending time in the dental chair, you are not alone! Many patients come to us feeling exactly the same way you do. At St. Anthony Village Dental Care, it is our mission to give you a great experience – every time with no exceptions.

Our team is skilled at putting patients at ease. Our compassionate and friendly team combined with our professional, competent, and efficient care changes patients’ opinions about dentistry every day. We actually specialize in turning those negative dental fears into the best dental experience you have had.

We value long-term relationships with our patients. This both benefits your health and curbs any anxiety you may have. Because we want to partner with you for the long term, you will find that we are consistently open, honest, and reliable. 

Whether you have perfect oral health or you have some catching up to do, we will never make you feel bad or wrong about missing dental appointments in the past. No one needs to feel shame when it comes to their health. We stay focused on solutions and help you take one step at a time toward a healthy, happy smile.

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