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What happens at a hygiene appointment at your office?

Hygiene appointments are critical to the health of your teeth and gums. The hygienist performs a number of procedures to help you achieve optimal dental health. In the case of identifying an existing problem our hygienist and Dr. Osterbauer can act quickly to get you on the course to better dental health. We see that patients who meet with the hygienist on a regular basis are able to maintain a healthy mouth and avoid costly and serious dental conditions down the road.


A hygienist will:

  • Review your chart and medical history.
  • Review your current medical status and medications status (some medical conditions and medications influence treatment) update
  • Work with the dentist to:
    • Examine head/neck for abnormalities
    • Examine teeth and gums and other areas of the mouth
    • Revise treatment plans to help patients achieve their oral health goals
  • Measure the area between gums and teeth (probing)
  • Report findings on your chart
  • Take radiographs (x-rays) if needed and interpret them for dental health
  • Look for signs of cavities or periodontal (gum) disease
  • Remove plaque and tartar above the gumline with instruments
  • Polish your teeth if needed to remove stains
  • If needed, the hygienist will perform additional services like:
    • Apply fluoride to strengthen teeth
    • Apply agents to desensitize teeth
    • Apply pit and fissure sealants to seal grooves for decay prevention


It is also our goal to provide education during our patient visits. We discuss matters related to your oral health, this may include nutrition, plaque control, use of oral care products and answering your questions.


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